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How To Start Your Own Online Business
And Make Your First $1000 Online!

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017
From: Stephen Beck
RE: Online Business Basics

When I first started online marketing, I was totally overwhelmed.

Where do I start?

Who do I listen to?

How do I overcome the technology barrier?

Luckily, I figured things out with a lot of help along the way. I now make a high six-figure income from my online business!

So, I decided to write down all the steps I took in the beginning …and lay them out for others who wanted to start an online business like me.

I knew that if I created a formula with a step-by-step action plan, then others (like you!) would not make the same mistakes I made when I first started.

If You Have Been Trying To Make Money Online And
Still Haven’t Made Your First $1000, Then What I Have To Say Next Will Shock You!

Here’s the truth.

Most Internet marketing courses (and even the Internet marketing “gurus”) are full of BIG IDEAS, but they don’t break it down into the step-by-step pieces that you need to get started.

No wonder you can’t make any money.

They say you need a web site …but don’t tell you how to make one!

They say you need an autoresponder to collect names and emails …but don’t tell you how to set one up!

They say you need a shopping cart …but don’t tell you which one is best for you depending on the size of your business and your budget!

I’ll be honest. There are a LOT of moving parts in an online business and you need a step-by-step plan on how to set each one up. And videos would be even better. Like show and tell!

Don’t let anyone tell you 10 different ways to get traffic …but not give you the DETAILS of each and every step you need to take. Stop listening to those clowns!

Not having a step-by-step instructions will cost you BIG!

  • It will cost you money. You’ll spend lots of money buying software and tools you don’t need when you’re just starting out.
  • It will cost you time. If it takes you 2 hours (or probably longer!) to figure out each tool on your own, then you will waste tons of precious time. And you will probably quit.
    I mean, who wants to spend a ton of time and have no income to show for it!
  • But most importantly, it will cost you momentum. If you have to stop and figure out each step on your own, you will run out of gas! You will get tired and give up. And you will not see the fruit of all your labors.

And who would blame you? You didn’t have the right training to begin with.

Momentum is the entrepreneur’s most precious resource. Lose that and you’re sunk!

But You Don’t Have To Worry About Getting
The Step-By-Step Details Anymore! Introducing
The “Online Business Basics” Course That Has
Everything You Need To Get Started!

I have created a step-by-step course that comes in weekly installments so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Most courses come in a BIG BOX that goes “thud” on your door step. Or a download page that has 30 hours of videos and 25 pdf’s.

How can you possibly get through all that material?

You can’t. And you will read through a few chapters, watch a few videos, and give up because there is just too much to consume at one time.

I send you weekly lessons with action steps at the end of each one.

Instead of simply publishing this information in some ebook or quick coaching program, I’m making it available to you week after week in action-sized portions so you’ll actually get results.

You don’t need another ebook to clutter up your computer or more words to clutter up your brain. What you need is a weekly “here’s what you do next” action step to complete.

What you need is for someone to show you how to quickly get started and then keep showing you week after week so you don’t get stalled along the way.

And most lessons include videos so that you can watch and see EXACTLY how to do each step! Just watch the video, pause and do the action, then hit “play” and watch the next step.

It’s that easy! Just wash, rinse and repeat!

The weekly lessons are strategically ordered to maximize your profits. The action plan shows you how to make money the first month you receive my course.

“You Can Help Others!”

How to find a niche has been the most important thing so far. Yes, I would recommend the course because it is broken into easily doable steps, it’s affordable, and the emphasis is on “taking care of your herd,” i.e. helping others and receiving compensation for your help.

Virginia Schollenberger   Shady Side, MD

Here Are Some Of The Incredible Features You’ll Find In Your New “Online Business Basics” Course!

  • A Step-By-Step Training Program For Making Your First $1000 on the Internet!Every week we will send you a new lesson. That way you will make progress every week. You will not get over-whelmed and you will not get stalled.
  • Each Weekly Lesson Is Just The Right Size!Each lesson is short and easy to digest. And every lesson will have an assignment to complete – so you stay on track. Even the action steps are designed to be finished before your next lesson arrives.I don’t expect you to spend 8 hours a day on this, so I have given you bite-sized chunks to get done in a few hours each week.
  • Great Marketing Tips For The Beginner And Expert Alike!Each lesson builds as you go …there will be something for beginners and experienced people. This method gets you up and running quickly, then gives you advanced tips and tricks to succeed long term.And even though you get 52 weekly lessons, it will NOT take you 52 weeks to make your first $1000! You should make your first $1000 VERY QUICKLY if you follow my steps.
  • Videos That Show You EXACTLY How To Do Each Step!Most of the weekly lessons include videos that show you step-by-step how to do all the steps like setting up a blog, setting up your autoresponder, pasting the autoresponder code in your optin box, setting up your shopping cart so you can accept payments, and so much more!
  • This Course ‘Plays Well With Others’!The weekly lessons work well with other programs and coaching you may already be doing, Even if you’re going through another course, the topics and strategies I share in this course will only enhance your marketing IQ!Plus you will have the step-by-step knowledge to make everything work smoothly.

Don’t Wait And Miss Out On The Bonuses!

This Is The Course You Have Been Looking For!
It Has Everything You Need To Start Making
Your First $1000 On The Internet!

This course has it all. Weekly lessons that keep you on track. Bite-sized action steps so you get the results you want and not get overwhelmed. Proven techniques that I have used myself to create a high six-figure online business. And videos for the beginner as well as advanced strategies for the seasoned marketer!

All of this in a fun, engaging weekly lesson that will start you off with the basics as well as advanced strategies that will have you running with the BIG BOYS in no time!

Here are just a few of the topics this incredible course covers:

  • Choosing the right topic or niche
  • Creating a blog for maximum exposure
  • How to build a “herd” …and how to care, feed and protect your “herd” (your customers and email subscribers)
  • Where to find resources for your “herd” that will make them follow you forever and consider you the “go to” person in your niche!
  • 10 ways to get visitors to come to your site
  • Capturing the names and emails of your visitors
  • Sending automated emails that do the selling for you
  • Finding and attracting massive amounts of visitors to your site
  • How to promote your blog to the thousands of potential customers on the web
  • How to recommend other people’s products for a big fat commission
  • How to manage your time so you get it all done
  • How to choose a domain name and web hosting provider
  • How to create web pages
  • How to upload your web pages to the Internet
  • How to research keywords so that you rank in the Search Engines
  • How to write articles for credibility and search engine rankings
  • How to program your mind for success
  • How to find other people who can do the things you can’t …or won’t!
  • How to use social media like FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • How to create your own information products
  • How to sell more products using webinars
  • How to survey your customers so you provide EXACTLY what they want
  • How to get paid for your products
  • How to create follow up strategies that get customers to buy AFTER your sale is over
  • How to find people with big email lists that will promote your products and services
  • How to create products using your phone!
  • How to create video tutorials
  • How to create marketing funnels
  • How to write emails, sales pages and webinars that get people to buy your products and services
  • How to create recurring streams of income
  • How to turn every sale into a monthly income stream
  • How to get other people to provide content for your blog and information products
  • And so much more!

“Very Do-able!”

On page 9 of Lesson #2, it talks about the most desirable people in your niche…the beginner. I know more than a beginner. I do have something they want to know about!

The lessons come once a week with a very do-able lesson. I love the action guides and websites you send us to look at…It seems to me the only way to fail is to not do your lessons!

Steve is very genuine and wants us to succeed.  The Online Business Basics course is getting me where I want to go!

Teri Denison   Clayton, WA.

“Stephen Really Cares!”

Looking for my herd has been the most important thing so far. Never thought about that before. Also, joint ventures – never thought of that either.

The course is real value for money, and although Stephen is a good businessman, I get the impression that he also really cares about the success of his clients.

Mary Ramsaay   Largo, Florida

“This Course Won’t Overwhelm!”

Building an email capture page has been the most important thing so far. I would recommend this product because it’s just what the title says: the basics. It’s portrayed in simple attainable goals that don’t overwhelm a person who is already busy. Just what I

Lisa Sain    Lancaster, OH

I Created “Online Business Basics” Specifically
For People Like YOU Who Want The Freedom
An Online Business Provides, But Have Not
Made Their First $1000 Yet!

I know what it’s like to struggle. I’ve been there myself and it’s not a good feeling.

So I created “Online Business Basics” to provide an affordable, step-by-step action plan for people who see the power of the Internet, but just can’t seem to harness that power on their own.

Asking for help is huge obstacle for most people. But there is no shame in taking advantage of an excellent resource that will shave hours off your learning curve and save you tons of money by taking the right actions in the right order.

I also created this course for people like me who love shortcuts! I love insider secrets that get me ahead of the pack, so I share all that I know about generating your first $1000 online …and then taking your new online business WAY BEYOND THAT!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

This excellent course comes with my 30 day guarantee. By then you will have received 4 weekly lessons! If you are unsatisfied with the weekly lessons for any reason, just contact me within 30 days of purchase and I will gladly refund your money.

And since there is no long-term commitment, you can cancel the weekly lessons any time during the year and you will not be billed the next month.

The only thing is. If you cancel and want to start again, you will have to start back at the beginning of the weekly lessons.

“Other Courses Don’t Compare!”

Take care of my herd and they’ll take care of me. I’ve got a great e-product that I can’t wait to get out to people. I’ve tried other people’s coaching and whatnot, and they’re just too generalized and simple. I look forward to receiving instructions on marketing through social media, too. Thanks!

Jorgen Jensen    Lehi, UT

Click Here For Short Action-Packed Weekly Lessons!

When You Purchase Today, You’ll Receive
$549 In Free Bonus Gifts!

When you purchase today, I will give you some great bonuses that will be a BIG HELP in getting to your first $1000 online! The first set of bonuses are Time-Released Bonuses Every 90 Days!

  • “Ten Proven Ways to Make at Least $10K Every Month” (value: $97) – Here are ten things you can do online to start generating cash while you are creating your online business.
  • “Special Q&A Webinar” (value: $97) – This is a special private closed-door webinar where I answered questions from my “Online Business Basics” students. No question was left unanswered.
  • “How To Set Up An Information Product Web Site” (value: $97) – All the ins and outs of setting up a profitable information product website that runs automatically 24/7 while you’re off doing what you like to do!
  • “How To Start Your Own Coaching Program” (value: $97) – One of the best ways to make more money without doing a lot of extra work is to offer coaching. You don’t have to be the expert, just take them by the hand and help them solve their problem.

Additionally, there are some built-in “surprises” (templates, tools, coaching, etc.) along the way at unspecified intervals.

And we have a SUPER “graduation” bonus at the completion of your 12-month training that is literally worth more than the entire year’s subscription dues … so look for that on graduation day.


When you purchase today, you will also recieve my IMPopUp software (value: $97).

This is a great way to get people’s attention for optins, specials and sales. Click on the video below to watch it in action:

And finally, only those who purchase today will get my “Scientific Approach To Choosing A Niche!”  (value: $97).

Why GUESS which niche you should choose when the search terms will tell you how many people are interested that niche and EXACTLY which topics they are interested in!

In this incredible webinar, I show you how to assess demand for your niche so you don’t waste time on a dry hole. You can know for sure if there;s oil before you even drill! I even show you how to focus on “buyer” search terms that make finding hungry customers seem like shooting fish in a barrel!

Priority Order Form

YES, I would love to get the “Online Business Basics” bite-size, action packed weekly lesssons that will keep me on track to making my first $1000 online and then beyond!

  • I UNDERSTAND… that I will receive easy to follow weekly lessons so I can make progress every week and not get side-tracked. I also understand that I will get IMMEDIATE access to the digital course and nothing will be shipped to my home. My initial charge will be $27.00 and I will then be charged $27.00/month for 11 months after my  initial charge has been made. There is no long term commitment and I can cancel at any time.
  • I UNDERSTAND… there is a 30 day guarantee of this product and if I am unhappy I will receive my money back, no questions asked. This means my purchase is safe and if I’m not entirely satisfied, OnlineBusinessBasics will refund my purchase 100%.

P.S. – Start getting the “Online Business Basics” weekly lessons and let me take you by the hand and guide you to your first $1000 online …and beyond! It makes total sense and you can start the lessons immediately!